Friday, April 8, 2011

Will Pee 4 Prizes

It's Josiah's turn for potty training. We tried a little bit last summer, but it wasn't a great success so I just put it on the back burner until after we settled in with a new baby. This was the big week. Complete with a basket of dollar tree prizes. When the basket came down last Sunday night Josiah and Aliza burst into tears. Josiah because he did not want to wear big boy underwear and Aliza because she wanted prizes. I went to bed hoping that morning would not come!

By Tuesday night Josiah figured out that it was pretty cool to use the potty and get a prize. Of course he had perfect success when he was bare and zero success when he had pants on. Boy, he could pee often bare!

Last night he decided not to eat his supper. No problem. The rule is that if you don't clean up your plate there are no snacks. Well, he opened up all his wrapped prizes so I restocked the basket with baggies of treats--mostly M&Ms and mini marshmallows. Josiah was on a peeing streak! The little stinker figured out how to get snacks without eating his supper. I guess he needs a smarter Mama. Last night potty training won out over eating supper.

This morning I had a true success. I left underwear on Josiah while we did our hour's worth of errands. When we got on our road he communicated (in an odd way) that he needed to use the potty. When we got home he was still dry. I took him straight to the bathroom and he was successful. I was so happy! There were a couple other times today that he went to the bathroom when he had underwear and pants on. I can only hope that we are making progress and that he will be potty trained in a far shorter amount of time than it took his sister.

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