Saturday, April 16, 2011


I had big plans to finish a scrapbook layout tonight. It's not happening. There is rain and thunder so we have campers in our room. You would have thought we were throwing a big party, there was so much excitement! I'm all for cuddling and slumber parties during thunderstorms, but the party is wearing off now. These kids need to go to sleep!!!

Instead of scrapbooking, I'll write.

I cleaned the downstairs today. It was a daunting task, but I kept at it until it was done! The upstairs will be tackled tomorrow. Cleaning brought the issue of material things to my mind again. Actually I've been thinking about material things frequently.

There is a battle that rages in my mind--the desire for material things on one side and the desire to be content on the other. On the days the desire for material things has the upper hand I compare what I have to what others have and I come up short--far short--every time.

When contentment has the upper hand I choose to be satisfied with our home and its furnishings. I remind myself that we have chosen family and relationships over financial gain and material things.

We've made our decision. I'm not making any changes to my life so why does this war rage?

I think that contentment, like forgiveness, is a choice. A choice that has to be made over and over. A choice that becomes easier the more that choice is made. I'm going to endeavor to choose to be content.

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