Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm not really a fan of gaming. I don't see a whole lot of value beyond entertainment in playing computer games. I know. I've read articles that computer games increase hand-eye coordination, develop problem solving skills and teach children decision making skills.

Enter Minecraft. As I type this post my hubby is sitting beside me watching YouTube videos of Minecraft. Aliza and Josiah have really enjoyed watching Jeremy play. One evening they spent a good hour and a half fully engaged in Jeremy's game. They came upstairs at bedtime and told me how they had built this and that, made a cake, protected their house from spiders and next time they were going to build a trap. Apparently at some point Jeremy told Aliza she could have her own map when she turned 5.

Now this is how the viewing area looks:
I comfort myself with a couple things. I think that, maybe, Aliza is learning a few things while she plays. If she wants a bed she has to cut down the trees and build the bed. If she wants light she has to have wood and coal to build a torch. If she wants to make a cake she has to plant wheat in her garden, gather eggs from chickens and find some sugarcane for sugar. Secondly, this is a special thing she does with her Daddy. She thinks of questions to ask him and he has to help her play. I figure instead of playing Uno or Yahtzee together they will play Minecraft. A little odd, I know.
She is still figuring out how to use a mouse. It takes lots of concentration.
(Yes, I serve supper out of pots and pans!) Before supper tonight Aliza came running from playing outside and gathered up paper and crayons. She and Daddy were going to make a list. This list turned out to be diagrams of the crafting table so that Aliza would know what supplies she needs to build certain things. Aliza told me, "My Daddy is such a good teacher." He really is. He is so patient and will explain anything to her in great detail. She figured out the way to a great relationship with her Daddy...figure out what he is interested in and be genuinely interested in it also.

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Joel said...

That's Great. I am glad she is getting some special time with her daddy.

I love Josiah wearing the hat backwards.