Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lunch Conversation

Aliza and Josiah discussed weddings over lunch today. Particularly their weddings. It was the most earnest and heartfelt conversation. I'm sure I can't convey it properly in words, but there are a few tidbits that I must remember...

Josiah does not want to get married because "I want to stay with you forever, Mommy."

Josiah plans to be a tank truck driver at this moment in time. He asked me where he could park his truck and trailer if he lived with me forever. I said he could pull in the driveway. He said that would block Aunt Janell from being able to come in the driveway. I said we would make sure he had a good place to park his truck. He gave a satisfied nod of his head.

Aliza is certain that she wants Josiah, Anna, Mommy and Daddy in attendance at her wedding. (Whew!! I'm relieved. haha) Josiah said he would have to drive his tank truck to her wedding, but he would be sure to take his hat off during the wedding and Aliza asked him to wear his best clothes. After a minute Josiah thought better of it and asked if he could ride to Aliza's wedding in my minivan.

There was lots of discussion over who could marry who--whether or not you can marry cousins--and who counts as a cousin. Aliza declared that boys can't marry boys and girls can't marry girls "because then you wouldn't have a Mommy or you wouldn't have a Daddy and wouldn't that be sad?"

Aliza wants nuts and rice thrown and her guests shouting "you're the best" when she leaves her wedding.

Josiah asked if there would be toys at Aliza's wedding. She said, "Yes, in the nursery." They agreed on a stage for Aliza to walk up on.

I'm still giggling inside. It's nice to know Josiah wants to keep me forever. ;) I can easily tear up thinking of dancing with him at his wedding.

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