Sunday, August 12, 2012

You Can't Swing with Toys

Aliza and Anna were on the double swing ready to by pushed when I realized that Anna was clutching a baby doll in her arm which made her unable to hang on to the swing with both hands. I told her that she had to put the baby doll down to be able to swing. That only made her hang on to the doll tighter and start crying because she wanted to swing. I knew that if I pushed her on the swing while she was holding on to the doll and not hanging on to the chain she would fall off. She didn't understand that. All she could understand was that she wanted both the baby doll and the swing ride at the same time. Something that was impossible to have safely.

It was in the moment of frustration with Anna that I saw a spiritual lesson that has stuck with me all day--enough that I'm writing it! Assuming life is a swing ride... We cannot hang on to a "toy" AND enjoy the fullest most fulfilling life that God has for us. The doll was not a bad thing for Anna but she needed to put it down to experience the excitement of the swing ride. I got to thinking about what things I like so much in my life that may be good things, but that are things I can't put down for the even better thing that God has for me.

I also want to trust the Holy Spirit when I am prompted to put down a "toy" in order for something bigger to happen. Anna couldn't understand why she had to put the doll down to swing and I'm pretty sure I have hung on to something that I should have laid down even though I didn't understand why at the time.

I didn't have specific changes that came to my mind today, but these were thoughts that kept going through my head today. I don't want anything to hold me back from the swing ride of life that God has for me.

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