Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Weekend of Play

Our weekend involved lots of car time so I had the bright idea to acquire Adventure in Odyssey tapes from a consignment facebook group. We met the lady on our way to PA Friday morning and Jeremy proceeded to put a tape in our car's cassette player. He quickly found out that at least one child thought the tape player was a coin slot. There was more than a dollar worth of coins in there. Ultimately, the coins won and we ended up without tape, radio or CD player working. But, you know what? The children did great. There was plenty of chatter and lots of watching the ipad GPS counting down miles and possibly counting down my tenths of miles towards the end, but it was a great trip.

We ate lunch in the car and then met some friends of ours from Oregon at a park in Lancaster. They were here for a wedding. Josiah was just a baby when we saw them last and their children are so grown. In fact they have a daughter who is 11 and she modeled being a good friend to Aliza. She was just being herself. When they arrived she greeted Aliza and a few minutes later asked Aliza to tell her about the book Aliza was reading. Marie and Aliza went to the end of the picnic table and spent a long time talking. We spent about 2 hours with them and then we headed on to my aunt and uncles house. Aliza, Josiah and Anna took a LONG nap in the car after we left Lancaster.

I don't know how to sum up our weekend with Dan and Laurie. We just lived life together for a weekend. Saturday started cold and cloudy. My family slept in...until after 9!! We played games.
My cousins and their families spent the weekend with us too. Katelyn, Aliza, Josiah, and Anna played and played and played together. They spent all afternoon on Saturday outside together. I actually started missing my kiddos. They were just happy. There were no squabbles and they just didn't need me very much.

There was body painting.
There were 4 wheeler rides.

Anna wouldn't ride with Daddy...or Mommy...but she would ride with Katelyn! Anna LOVED Katelyn. So far we have prayed for Katelyn and her Mommy and Daddy every night--at Anna's request.
Jeremy and I should have rode the trail a couple more times. We were having a nice conversation. =)  The guys got in a round of golf. It sounded like they had a really good time together.
I got to meet my cousin's baby. He's 8 weeks and was just plain cute. Jeremy took some pictures for them. Made me ready for my baby!  Somehow I didn't manage to take any pictures of my own of Levi.

And, of course, when we visit Dan and Laurie the children expect to play in the stream. The water was pretty much freezing cold, but that didn't stop these guys.
The little waterfalls were a big hit to play in. Thankfully, Dan doesn't seem to mind icy water so he got to supervise the water play.

I'm pretty sure this is her tired face. ;) I had decided that I wasn't going to put Anna down for naps this weekend and this spunky girl kept up with the big kids...all day long. Granted she slept in LATE every morning.
Aliza, Josiah and Anna each got to help serve an evening snack. That was a big deal! They took that job seriously and each remembered the night that was theirs to help.
Monday morning the children, especially Anna, were not ready to leave. We left with good memories and relationships reconnected. I packed lunch again and we made exactly two stops for the bathroom on our 6 hour drive home. We left a little after 10am and got home at 5pm.

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