Friday, June 27, 2014

VBS Program

Another year of Vacation Bible School is complete. Tonight was the program. (These are videos. Click or touch the arrow in the middle of the screen to play.) Anna attended VBS, but she was not interested in standing up and singing.

Josiah's class: I was so proud of Josiah. This is the first time he got up in front of a group to perform. Every other time he has dissolved into tears at the mention of being in front of a group. As you'll see he was quite comfortable and did an awesome job! Aliza told him that she clapped as hard as she could for him and had tears in her eyes because she was so proud of him.

Aliza's class. Aliza did awesome too. She told us that the boy beside her told her she was singing too loud and Aliza told him that she was just doing what the teacher told her to do. =)

And, finally, the whole VBS sang a song. You'll see Aliza and Josiah.

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