Sunday, June 1, 2014

Joy Dare::May

My heart may have stopped for a moment this evening, but Jeremy saved me. I managed to delete my 1000 gifts app. Thankfully God saw fit to give me a computer geek husband to save me from myself.

1398. My children all comfortable in the pool. They learned so much from Uncle Jeff while I was in Texas.
1399. Shopping for gardening supplies and Chrissy to help me.
1400. Josiah so excited about a garden
1401. Buying seeds
1402. A project and the children are old enough to help and be helpful
1403. A good kind of I-used-my-muscles tired
1404. A weekend with Joel and Brandi
1405. Actually listened to a whole sermon
1406. Colton Dixon and Mandisa concert
1407. Aliza was so nervous about the concert but she ended up having a great time
1408. French toast breakfast made by my mother-in-law
1409. The children got special treatment at Chick-fil-A on our way home--free ice cream cones, paper hats and stickers
1410. Keenly aware that this place that I'm in in life is special
1411. Found the missing jazz dance shoe
1412. The children played together very well this morning, giving me some time to work alone which was much needed after a night of interrupted sleep
1413. Trusting
1414. Bible study and dance finished for the summer
1415. Started a small scrapbook for Laura's wedding
1416. When I had nothing nice to say--keeping my mouth shut
1417. Extra time with my littlest nephew
1418. Celebrating Renee's birthday. Josiah was so pleased with his blow up sword party favor
1419. Planting more seeds
1420. Mother's Day gift basket
1421. Warm days
1422. Azalea blooms
1423. Sitting with Aliza so she could watch the whole dance dress rehearsal
1424. My videos of Aliza's dances turned out well
1425. Aliza loved dancing in her dance recital
1426. Visited with my aunt and uncle
1427. Enjoyed breakfast in bed
1428. I can still scoop up my children and hold them when they get hurt
1429. Lunchables for bedtime snack were a good investment today
1430. Riding bikes all hot and sweaty
1431. School outside
1432. Daddy daughter moments
1433. Lots of happy outside play
1434. Anticipating tomorrow
1435. Graduation
1436. Eardrops
1437. Celebrating the accomplishment of a school year finished with Mom and Dad/Grandma and Grandad
1438. Easy Board of Education review
1439. Aliza with us on the Garden Tour
1440. Beautiful weather to sit outside
1441. Watching Josiah practice and practice dribbling
1442. Big potty training step for Anna
1443. My mother-in-law's thoughtfulness in celebrating me as a teacher
1444. Joel getting some adorable pictures with his new camera
1445. Made it home
1446. Gatorade
1447. Children playing so well together that I can rest
1448. Homemade get well cards
1449. Feeling better
1450. Go Fish game on a sick day
1451. Stopping the negative conversation in my mind
1452. Giving Anna my full attention
1453. Aliza and Josiah enjoying summer freedom
1454. Playing-outside-dirty-feet
1455. Peas straight from the pod
1456. Baby's heartbeat
1457. A good weekend mix of work and rest
1458. Fresh strawberries
1459. Strawberries to snack on--all day
1460. I took Anna grocery shopping with me and she told me how much she loved doing things with me
1461. Gave my Bible to Aliza so she could read along during the sermon
1462. Jam made and berries frozen
1463. Jeremy fixed Josiah's Gator
1464. Aliza recounted in detail this week's sermon for Great Gramma
1465. First beach trip of the summer
1466. Putting away all the schoolwork
1467. Recognizing that I need some space
1468. Crossing projects off my list
1469. Boxes that hold papers that children want to save are no longer overflowing
1470. Took a walk on a rainy day
1471. Smelling honeysuckle as we walk
1472. Seeing the sun come out after a couple cloudy days
1473. Staying up extra late because Josiah wants me to help him read his Lego City library book
1474. Jeremy and I make a great team
1475. A gorgeous spring day

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