Friday, June 6, 2014


One of the things that I'm beginning to intentionally teach my children this summer is work ethic. This means we take on projects that take time and effort and provide little entertainment in the process. The beauty is when they don't realize it takes time and effort and they enjoy the process.

Our gardens are on of those projects. The children are eager to water the plants every day that it doesn't rain.

Picking peas was another teaching project. The same farm that we pick strawberries from has u-pick peas. We picked 6+ pounds of peas this week and another bucket of strawberries to eat. The peas were plentiful and mature so picking was pretty easy and they stuck with it without complaining.

That afternoon we sat on the porch and shelled peas. We took a break for a walk and bike ride, but all 3 of the children helped me shell peas until we finished.

There was constant conversation while we shelled. I listened. The biggest topic of conversation was Amazing Race. We've started watching a race from 2013 and Aliza and Josiah are totally hooked. Each team was analyzed. The countries they've raced in so far were discussed. (I have since acquired a World Atlas so that we can track the race course on the map.) And then Aliza decided that we should each make up a challenge and what country it would take place in.

Later the conversation changed. Aliza and Josiah gave every argument they could think of for why they should be allowed to own a tablet/ipad. They were willing to empty their savings accounts...I would be the best Mommy in the world forever....I would get 2 hugs every day from Josiah...they would ask before they bought any app or game. It went on and on. And the answer was always NO and it still is and will be for a very long time. I was kindof worn out when I was finally able to end that conversation.

Regardless, we ended up with a nice big bowl of peas! And I had happy workers. Mission accomplished!

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