Monday, September 15, 2014

Bits of Life

I made spaghetti with a spaghetti squash tonight and it was a successful meal--for Jeremy and I. I had leftover of "real" spaghetti for the children (and me). I felt very accomplished and also learned a need a sharper knife for cutting spaghetti squash in half.

I've had three very successful Trades of Hope events since I joined the company in August. This probably surprises me more than anyone else. I love that even at a very small level I can feel that I am positively impacting women's lives in other parts of the world. I've learned that I really enjoy sharing about the artisans and their stories. The "and now do you want to to buy something or host an event" part will probably always feel awkward to me. As long as the mission is bigger than the business in my mind and heart I'll be happy.

On Saturday I had planned a magic disappearing act. I planned to disappear to my parents quiet house to scrapbook and nap alone. I decided that morning to invite Aliza to go with me. I decided to invest in her and our relationship. It was still a quiet day for me--in the sense that all I had to do was listen. I didn't have to say much! I'm pretty sure the rewards for spending that time with my daughter are far greater than having those hours to myself.

We are back in the Bible study and dance class routine again. Josiah and Anna have a really great teacher. Aliza loves her Bible study class. She and I have been working hard on memorizing our verses. (We have the same verses to memorize.) Aliza thought the verse was so hard and then she had it down in 2 days. Of course she loves dance and declared that the class time was far too short. =)

I'm having the most constant pain/soreness that I've ever had in a pregnancy. If I don't bend, squat or lift I can make out pretty well. This has given me incentive to be very consistent in reminding the children to take care of their things. It also means that when Meghan stops by she tidies up the toy room and living room and I don't say anything. It also means that my Mom has given me the "you must accept help" chat. It also means that Jeremy is helping a lot.

In 3 weeks I'll be holding a baby. It almost doesn't seem real. I have the bitty baby clothes ready to go. The crib will be set up eventually. =) We wonder if we are ready for nighttime feedings. I suppose one is never ready for that, but is given the grace and strength when the time comes. The doctor was pretty forthright with me last week about these last couple weeks with my medical history. I'd appreciate your prayers for a healthy baby and a healthy Mama. I've taken nothing for granted this time around and will most likely be crying tears of gratitude and relief when I get this baby in my arms. But, oh my goodness, those bitty baby clothes are so so sweet!

We are having that crisp warm weather that makes us all want to just live outside. That's all the bits of life for now!

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Karen said...

Looking forward to holding your little fellow, too:)