Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Joy Dare::August

1630. Gladiolus from the garden on my counter
1631. If I can endure the initial boredom and bickering they will usually play happily together
1632. Little girl giggles
1633. Sabbath day of rest
1634. Conscious decision to not do the things I thought of doing and sit and draw with Anna
1635. Family day
1636. Aliza teaching Josiah to play checkers
1637. Blueberry crumble ice cream
1638. Pipi Longstocking book club dinner
1639. Josiah and Anna and their tackle boxes
1640. A new friend
1641. Sprinkler fun
1642. Intense playing
1643. Quietly working while I listened to and enjoyed their play
1644. Adding a new role makes me even more intentional in how I use my time
1645. Taking Mary Lou on a letterboxing adventure
1646. A couple willing to host us for the weekend
1647. A beautiful wedding
1648. Orange Fanta (Africa in a bottle)
1649. Pop-pop's favorite ice cream that I was hoping for this weekend--served at the wedding
1650. A cool basement
1651. Children displaying excellent behavior
1652. A really nice visit with my cousin and her family
1653. Josiah swimming all over the pool
1654. Aliza and Josiah really enjoyed sports camp
1655. Freezing corn with my sisters
1656. Jeremy took the children to sports camp and I got to do a few things I wanted to do
1657. Planning an anniversary dinner
1658. A letter from my Dad
1659. Anna participated in sports camp
1660. An evening home alone to work on projects
1661. A very boring doctor appointment
1662. Everyone was just generally happier today
1663. It's Friday night at the end of a hectic week
1664. Working with Janell
1665. A chance to keep my mouth shut
1666. Moving out of my comfort zone
1667. Snuggling with sick kiddos
1668. Rainbow dragon birthday party
1669. Lydia so sweetly saying over and over "best birthday ever!"
1670. Confidence boost
1671. The Lord's mercies are new every morning
1672. Utterly failing does not make me less loved
1673. Aliza's supper prayer for new attitudes for all of us
1674. Tears and a better attitude
1675. Josiah said school is better than he thought it would be
1676. Visiting friends this evening
1677. Bedtime discussion with Josiah
1678. New and out of my comfort zone
1679. Hair trimmed
1680. Zumba kids Wii game
1681. Crying with my daughter in her hurt
1682. Having lunch for Meghan and boys
1683. Fudge brownies from Grandma's cookbook
1684. A good night's sleep
1685. Glimpses of heaven
1686. A long Sunday afternoon nap
1687. Took Anna to her room for bed just before Jeremy found a bat in the room we were in
1688. Normal thyroid levels and a friend in the waiting room
1689. Daddy backup tonight
1690. Lost bear blanket found and returned
1691. Prayer: May the words and my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, O Lord.
1692. Aliza's attitude much improved today
1693. I walked slowly (Josiah said I was faster than a turtle) and the kids rode bikes
1694. School completed with good attitudes
1695. Made bookmarks today and Josiah said I should have put "I love reading" on his.
1696. The neighbors sharing their pear tree
1697. Filling drawers with baby clothes
1698. 3 children napping in the car after a couple afternoon errands?!
1699. Empty beach
1700. Seafood dinner date
1701. Jeremy played golf this morning and while I did grocery shopping with three children I genuinely thought how much I love him
1702. Since I had shopping helpers there are some extra snacks in the house!
1703. Church tonight
1704. Some time with my girls
1705. Josiah had so much to tell me about his fishing day
1706. Jumping off the dock
1707. Letting Josiah take the adventurous risks that boys need

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