Sunday, August 31, 2014

Plain Old Fun

Whew! The days are flying past me. School went much much better this week. Josiah has completely floored me. He looks forward to reading the most and is doing great. He's not ahead of what is being taught, but he right on target with his teacher. And, so far, he hasn't fallen asleep during school! ;)

On Friday we hit the beach and only did Phonics and Reading for school. Sand, water and sun therapy. I'm not a huge fan of sand. However, my children are huge fans of sand!!

Today was a much anticipated fishing trip with Jeremy, Josiah, Uncle Brian, Caleb and Grandad. Unfortunately it was especially breezy and they did not catch a fish. Well, they caught a tiny fish, a skate and a crab. The boys seemed to have good attitudes about the day not turning out the way they hoped and managed to entertain themselves. Meghan and her younger boys and me and my girls hung out at the beach house. We had some especially unhealthy food and the children were happy on the bit of beach.

Anna practiced doing cartwheels....which she does very frequently.
Aliza had a blast sitting in the surf. She giggled and laughed. It was great to just sit and listen her joy.
When the boys got back Brian got in the water off the dock (he could touch) and Caleb started jumping in. Josiah watched for quite a while and then he decided to take the plunge. Once he did it the first time, he had a BLAST. Brian said Josiah had a huge grin on his face every time he jumped.
Aliza went down the ladder and hung on to Uncle Brian for dear life. I'm glad she got in, maybe next time she will be ready to jump.
And then there were synchronized jumps with hi-fives in the air.
Seriously, there is nothing better than watching your children having fun. They jumped until Brian was so cold he couldn't stand it any longer. Everyone fell asleep on the way home...I think that means it was a good day. I want it to stay summer all year!!

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