Tuesday, August 5, 2014

All About my Kids

Kids. Moms love them beyond understanding. They grow up faster than fast. Kids can make a day the worst ever or the best ever for a Mom. And, I think, kids are designed with just the right genetic make up to drive a Mama crazy--for the Mama's own good, of course!

Aliza is my helper these days. She is happy to pick things up off the floor for me and to clean up when she is asked to. She's at the neat stage where she can play pretend games with Josiah and Anna and have big girl conversations with me. She loves to be included in anything that I do. Having alone time with Mom is very important to her (and to me).
And then she can look like this! There's no guessing how she is feeling! What a serious responsibility it is to guide and shape a child's personality. Aliza still takes her homemade doll, Charlotte, with her wherever she goes!
Josiah is leaving the tractor stage and entering what I call the "warrior child" stage. Hunting (read: weapons. But we tell him he can only shoot animals), fishing, ninjas, super heroes. Dear me...I liked tractors! Josiah has a sensitive and more introverted nature. His feelings can get hurt and he cries. I'll keep it that way as long as possible. He talks to me when I tuck him in a night and then give me a big hug and kiss. I tell him I love him and he responds, "I love you more."
Josiah and Anna have been playing together a lot this summer. They have so much fun together and then it's usually not too long before Aliza joins in too. Josiah has learned an awful lot this summer from PBS shows, Fetch and Wild Krats. He's a smart kid!
This little one is quick to correct you if you call her "little"! Most of the time I think she is 3 going on 12. I read to her every afternoon and make her lay down for a bit, but she doesn't nap. She has figured out how to boss Aliza and Josiah around. She's the peacemaker when one's needed. Anna is quick to say Thank you, Mom and I'm sorry, Mom. I let her dress herself--she certainly has opinions there!
Here's an example that just cracked me up. This is a Barbie book from the library. Barbie is on the right and Anna declares, every time she sees this page, that she does NOT like Barbie's shoes. One day Anna went so far as to say that she was scared of those shoes.
Two pages later, Barbie is wearing these shoes and Anna approves. Anna would prefer to wear any shoe that is too big for her.
And, finally, this is baby boy. Another boy! I don't know if my heart can take it! He's getting stronger....believe me, I know! He's 29 weeks and that only gives him about another 8 before he enters the outside world. I'm praying for a strong, healthy, happy baby! He's already a part of the family. His siblings are looking forward to and curious about his arrival.

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