Saturday, August 2, 2014

Joy Dare::July

1551. Fresh supper--zucchini lasagna with homemade tomato sauce, corn on the cob, and blueberry dessert

1552. The school cabinet neat and clean
1553. Fifty cent ice cream cones on a super hot day
1554. An evening to work on projects
1555. A windy day at the cove but the waves were lots of fun
1556. Pacing myself--which includes extra couch time
1557. Knowing that come what may Jeremy and I are in this life together
1558. Perfect seats for fireworks
1559. Pediatrician ordered antibiotics over the phone
1560. 4th of July meal with my family
1561. Day trip to Young Life camp
1562. Afternoon of sun and pool time
1563. 400 middle schoolers outside having quiet time to talk to God
1564. A sparkly clean stove thanks to Jeremy
1565. Jeremy helped a neighbor put together a swing set and Anna made a new friend
1566. Brownie sundaes
1567. New schoolbooks arrived
1568. Found cucumbers and zucchini growing
1569. The family in a circle on the deck this evening
1570. Listening to Aliza
1571. Happy afternoon hours when Anna wakes up from a nap
1572. A morning of preparing crafts for Bible Study children's ministry
1573. Josiah so incredibly excited to go fishing with Grandad
1574. Sitting at the kitchen counter just talking to Mom about whatever popped into my head
1575. Got up early to be with Aliza
1576. Fun in the sand
1577. Thinking about possibilities
1578. Day with Mom and sisters
1579. Fun musical
1580. Safety traveling
1581. Bowl of cherries
1582. Zucchini from our garden
1583. Taking time to talk and listen
1584. 13 years of marriage
1585. A lovely dinner date
1586. Watching lightening
1587. A husband that comes home every night
1588. A phone call from a friend
1589. Green grass after rain
1590. Some time to visit with my Mom
1591. Sharing a snack with my Gramma
1592. In laws who welcome us under not-very-convenient circumstances
1593. Taking the children to a new place all by myself
1594. Picnic lunch with all kinds of extras found in Grandma's kitchen
1595. The long route back to the house because there were 3 children sleeping in the car
1596. A super lazy morning
1597. Wild raspberries
1598. Reminders, not always pleasant, that my children are still children
1599. The noise level in the car was obnoxiously loud but it was all conversation and fun among siblings
1600. All of us in church together
1601. Josiah signing I love you.
1602. Mom was available
1603. I was able to deliver supper to Grandad in the hospital where he was sitting with Gramma
1604. Husband with fantastic problem solving skills
1605. Everyone woke up this morning in the same bed they went to sleep in
1606. Tea parties
1607. Clean sheets
1608. Pickles made
1609. Baby kicks getting stronger
1610. Working together to rebuild Aliza's legos
1611. Surprised by a vivid rainbow when I drove around the curve
1612. Some produce from our garden
1613. Getting rid of stuff
1614. Scrapbooking time with Aliza
1615. Beach fun with Daddy
1616. Aliza's determined face while she practiced swimming
1617. Sharing with another little girl on the beach
1618. Jeremy didn't get irritated with me even though I was irritable
1619. My WV sister-in-law that I can't imagine life without
1620. Last car payment made
1621. Sitting down beside my child and asking if we can try again after I've blown it
1622. A cool morning in July
1623. Bushes loaded with blueberries
1624. Enjoying the evening on the deck
1625. Anna fell asleep in my arms
1626. Perfect day at the cove
1627. Aliza's faith filled prayer fro Great Gramma
1628. Confirmation
1629. Heard: "Daddy, I'll love you forever and ever. Even if you have to punish me I'll love you forever and ever."

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