Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Weekend of People

This was an ambitious weekend and I had some moments of anxiety before it started. Thankfully our children rose to the occasion and everything went exceptionally smoothly.

Our first stop was dinner with my Gramma's sister on Friday evening. We had a nice meal together and then we introduced her to letterboxing. She took us to the location and if she and I would have been paying closer attention we would not have missed the location! Jeremy spotted the concrete pillars we were looking for on our way out and then we had success. It was dark which added an element to the adventure.

We then made our way to the home of our host family for the weekend. Staying with a family we did not know was a new experience for us, but it went very well and we saved a bunch of money by not having to get a hotel.

Lunch on Saturday was at the Freed Reunion. Aliza and Josiah enjoyed kicking a soccer ball around in the church gym. We left soon after the meal to meet Joel and Brandi before the wedding that afternoon. I admit...I fell asleep waiting for Joel and Brandi. Luckily I woke up just in time to hurry everyone into their clothes and get to the wedding as the procession was beginning.

It was Jeremy's cousin that got married. I cried. It was everything a wedding was meant to be--faith, family, personality, purity, joy. It was just absolutely wonderful. The bride and her Dad just beamed as they walked down the aisle. This was just after the groom arrived at his place on the stage on his skateboard.
The parents each gave a blessing. Jeremy's aunt made me cry again.
The bridal party (all 16 of them!) sang. The bride played her flute.
The reception meal included (among other things) the bride and groom's favorite jello salads that their Mom's make. Dessert was their favorite desserts that their Mom's make. The bride's brothers provided the music. And there was line dancing and square dancing. At 9:20 we left. Our children were utterly exhausted. From pictures it appears that we missed quite a dramatic exit from the reception.

We tried for a family picture. Anna was upset because Brandi couldn't be in the picture. Just ignore Aliza's tongue!! haha. That's the last picture of Anna with her white blanket bear. She lost it during the reception.
Sunday morning we spent some time with Joel and Brandi. We parted ways at noon. I thought it would be a good idea to find a place to eat on the route to our next destination. That proved to be a bad thought. We ended up on the turnpike, in accident traffic for at least half an hour, and then there were no signs for food until 1:30. Once again the children were amazing. There was no whining, complaining or carrying on. It was the pregnant Mom in the car that was about to lose it!

About 3:30 we arrived in Rehobeth Beach to visit my cousin and her family who were camping. We swam in the pool and had supper with them--campfire nachos and mountain pies. Good stuff. We had a lovely visit with them. We arrived home at 9pm.

It is now late on Wednesday night and I'm still not sure that I'm recovered from the weekend! That is mostly because this week has been as hectic as the weekend, but more on that later.

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