Friday, August 22, 2014

Funny Story

There's this little piece of my life story that is unique and it happened a lifetime ago--I was 17 that year and that was 17 years ago.

My family moved from Oregon to Maryland that summer of 1996 and after much deliberation and school visiting it was decided that I would attend the Christian School associated with the church Dad was pastoring for my senior year of high school.

What made this a big deal was that this particular school was adding their high school one year at a time and the year that I was a Senior the school added their Junior class. I took 3 classes with the Juniors. I did 3 classes ACE (essentially homeschooled, but I did most of my work in the school library) and I was a teacher's aide for one period.

That year was a defining year in my life. It was a hard year. I put my parents through the wringer. I also prayed in my room every day before I went to school. And, thankfully, it was a year that I made good choices when I could have--more easily--made unwise choices. It was a humbling year.

I wanted a full blown high school graduation and my Mom made it happen. I planned my ceremony and there were 75 people in attendance (I think.) and I have a Holly Grove Christian School high school diploma.

Over the years the school has grown and graduated many classes. I really didn't think that anyone remembered that there was a "class" of 1997.

Fast forward 17 years... I received a letter from the newly forming HGCS Alumni Association and in the first paragraph of the letter is says " has been 17 since the first graduate received her diploma..." And I laughed and couldn't stop laughing.

17 years!!?? They just announced to every HGCS graduated that I graduated 17 years ago and that makes me 35 years old! There is definitely a group of people who will know EXACTLY who that graduate was. I guess it's a good thing I made good choices that year! And, apparently, I'm not forgotten.

I thought being a class of one was done and over with long long ago. You never know when the past will come back to surprise you!

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