Thursday, August 7, 2014

Our Computers Will Never Die

When I was a child, my father owned a lawn mower repair shop. He sold and repaired lawn mowers for a living as did his father. Because of his expertise in small engine repair we use an extremely old lawn mower as my father can keep it running forever.

Fast forward one generation.

My husband is a computer repair guy. His job is to keep people happy by keeping their computers running so that they don't have to buy new ones until absolutely necessary. Now, I will say, I have never seen him go to these lengths on a client's computer. I'm pretty sure he would tell them to buy a new one because they would not want to see the price tag on him taking apart and putting their computer back together. BUT, in our house, we use computers until the technology is so out of date that they just cannot be used anymore. Quite honestly, in 13 years, I only remember one or maybe two computers being completely retired. (Retired meaning living in the museum of computers in our shed!) But let's not count how many new (or used) ones have come into our house in the meantime!

Anyway. At the beginning of the summer this computer screen just quit working one day. Everything else seemed fine. Jeremy took it all part, identified the $20 piece that he thought would most likely fix it and set the computer on his dresser for a couple months. Now school is approaching and that is the computer Josiah uses so I asked about it's status. A few days later a package arrived with the piece in it and last Sunday Jeremy sat down to put it all back together.
Using double sided tape he sorted out the 50+ screws that measured in various lengths from 0-2 mm! This man has patience--and some cool tools to pick up teeny tiny screws! He followed directions from a website called
Several hours later he was finished and the screen worked! I wish you could have seen the grin on his face! And the satisfaction with which he said, "And I only had 5 screws left!"
So $20 and a proud husband later this computer is in perfect working order! Here's to another 7 years--my first MacBook--maybe it will see Josiah into high school!

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