Friday, September 26, 2014


Josiah and Anna were scavenging in the shed recently and found Jeremy's BB gun. Since then Josiah has wanted so badly to shoot it. Tonight was the night and he was thrilled. Jeremy was with them (the girls shot too) the whole time and I'm pretty sure I should have just stayed in the house.

But I went out and grew quite concerned over the way the BB gun was being seen as a toy. And since Jeremy had already taught them to keep the safety on until they were ready to shoot, Josiah thought he could do anything with it as long as the safety was on. So I initiated a conversation about how ALL guns, no matter how big or small, are made to hurt or kill an animal--or person. I'm that Mom with a warrior boy who is curious about guns and hunting. I try to tell myself that boys and weapons is as natural and to be expected as girls and glitter, tiaras and high heeled princess shoes.

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