Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just a Fun Moment to Remember

About halfway through the school year, there is a break in the regular reading program for a Booklink. This is a stand alone book that the student reads and there are lots of additional activities to go along with the book. The reading assignments are longer and the video teaching is shorter. It works to build the child's confidence in reading. There are two more Booklinks to do during the summer or at the end of the year. Josiah finished his first book today and enjoyed the activity--making a chariot out of a cardboard box.
Josiah decorated his chariot with tractors.
Upon seeing Josiah decorating his chariot, Aliza remembered that she had also created a chariot when she was in 1st grade. Aliza was adamant that we had saved that project in the garage. She was so convinced that she and I trekked out in the freezing cold wind to find her box and, sure enough, it was in the garage. Here she is in her chariot in December 2012:
Here she is today in her chariot--I'd say she has grown!!

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