Monday, January 26, 2015

The Weekend

We cashed in on Jeremy's golf tournament winnings this weekend with a 2 night stay in Ocean City. I was hoping to put it off a couple more months, but between Mom's work schedule and our own schedule this was the only weekend that was going to work. It was a bit short notice, but I was able to be excited in an I-can't-believe-I'm-leaving-my-baby sort of way.

My baby didn't cry when we left, but the other three children did! It's to be expected by now. The first night went great. My Mom promised me texts and I got plenty of glowing reports. The second night the texts didn't come and I refrained from asking how things went until I returned. Yup, second night wasn't so good.
I asked Josiah why he didn't fall asleep until midnight. He said, "I missed you too much to fall asleep." (Apparently he had himself quite worked up--tears and all.) He added, "You should never leave a boy who loves you so much." Dear me...that story will change in a few short years!!! The girls didn't sleep well the second night either, but Isaiah did fine. My Mom is pretty tough. I'm sure she is enjoying her uninterrupted sleep tonight!

Great Grandad had pieces cut out for Aliza and Josiah to assemble bird houses. That project was a wild success.
Jeremy and I had a very relaxing, very quiet time together. I wasn't even very chatty. The quiet was just so pleasant. Sunday was sunny and reasonably comfortable so Jeremy golfed and I rode the cart and read. I needed some sun and fresh air. The last couple holes were pretty chilly, and it was easy to decide that we definitely needed a hot drink on the way back.

I was pretty happy to see my kiddos and very happy to hold my baby. They were all happy to see me too! We read books this afternoon and someone was always on my lap while another someone was whining that they wanted to be on my lap (and then they changed places). In the middle of that drama and chaos is right where I'm happy to be. The quiet can wait.

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