Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter Review

Earlier this week I had my first homeschool review with the Board of Education. After last year's experiences I was pretty confident, but it is always a bit unnerving to "defend" something that I pour my heart and soul into every day.

I sat with two reviewers, the closer-to-retirement gentleman took the lead. He was soft spoken, kind and willing to give out advice. I pulled out my lesson plans and handed them my filled out papers while he asked what curriculum I use. I answered Bob Jones University Press and was getting ready to explain distance learning when he interrupted with "Oh! That's great! I graduated from Bob Jones University. The rest of the review was a walk down memory lane for him. He told me places on campus to make sure we see when we visit. He checked the textbook authors to see if he recognized any of them. (One he did.)

He pointed out that Josiah shouldn't use large circles to dot his i's. (I know! Why does Josiah think he needs to do this??) They were impressed with 3rd grade cursive writing. They were impressed with the reading level of the Reading textbooks. They want more pictures of music, art and PE. I knew I would get that. I usually go in with lots of pictures. I pulled the I-just-had-a-baby-in-October card and also pointed out that we missed exactly 5 days of school for baby's birth. (I left out that fact that I birthed that baby via c-section).

Now we just need to plow through these winter days so we can get to spring! All I want to do this week is sleep and I just feel blah!

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