Monday, February 2, 2015

Joy Dare::January

2052. My Gramma just so excited to order pictures and see her great grandchildren
2053. When I was overwhelmed, Jeremy pitched in to help
2054. Grandad and Gramma celebrated 63 years of marriage today
2055. Mastering the rubber band bracelet loom
2056. Moms Night Out evening and movie
2057. Accomplished what I purposed to do today
2058. Grandad (my Dad)
2059. Pulling the chocolate chip cookies out of the freezer
2060. Talking to my friend on her birthday
2061. Finished a project
2062. Spent an afternoon with Aliza
2063. A new niece born healthy
2064. Three big kids enjoying playing board games together
2065. UPS truck finally arrived
2066. Conversation with Jeremy while washing dishes
2067. A warm house
2068. Holding Isaiah all morning
2069. Checking on my mother-in-law just because I consider her my Mom
2070. School is better in a cave
2071. Well behaved children while they waited through my (long) dentist appointment
2072. Being in a moment where I rocked Isaiah to sleep and listened to Aliza talk
2073. First music class went smoothly
2074. Josiah doing his best--with a good attitude--in composition
2075. It's Friday! There is nothing special happening this weekend. I just feel like I've conquered something by getting to Friday
2076. Saturday morning spent filling children's love tanks with attention
2077. Grocery shopping with Anna
2078. Aliza wearing a maxi skirt
2079. Epic cleaning
2080. Epic playing
2081. Feeling ready to take on a new week
2082. Found a book series that captures Josiah's interest
2083. Isaiah happy to lay on his playmat--just hanging out watching his siblings play
2084. Smiled, laughed and handled the hard stuff calmly
2085. Mommy growing pains--teeth lost, bigger clothes, developmental milestones
2086. Jeremy noticed a more tidy house
2087. Dreaming with Josiah about an outdoor playhouse (that would double as his office)
2088. Snow day=cooking baking and lots of clothes changes
2089. Went to a friends house even when I didn't feel like it and was glad I went
2090. A male cardinal sitting on a branch--makes the perfect picture on a winter morning
2091. My brother's boys joining us for supper tonight
2092. Little girl hair brushed smooth
2093. Such an easygoing baby--or am I now such an easygoing Mom? Either way I'm grateful
2094. Getting to know a couple moms at music class
2095. Going with the pace of the day
2096. God's protection
2097. Josiah: "Mommy, when I grow up, expect to see me in a pickup truck."
2098. A nap this afternoon without knowing that it looks like I'll be up with a congested kiddo a lot tonight
2099. Aliza had a good time playing with Renee
2100. Sorting, throwing away and organizing--one space in the house feels a lot lighter!
2101. Making an out-of-the-ordinary evening happen for my family
2102. Watching Josiah shoot his bow
2103. My first solo evening and bedtime with 4
2104. Josiah's photoshoot with Isaiah
2105. A really long conversation with my sister
2106. Talking homeschooling with a curious Mom at the library
2107. Surprised by an inquiry
2108. Huge snowflakes falling
2109. The Wednesday routine of Bible Study and dance
2110. Some extra time to visit with some Bible Study friends
2111. Another 4 year old well check under my belt
2112. My Gramma's faith and love for God and people
2113. Putting church Bible Study back in my routine
2114. A gift card that covered meal and dessert
2115. Giving the balance on the gift card to the table beside us
2116. Hanging out with my hubby while he golfs
2117. Getting some chilly sunshine in January while reading a book in the golf cart
2118. 40 hours to relax
2119. Knowing my kids are just fine with my parents
2120. Love noted
2121. Working hard on writing a play
2122. Family performance of Aliza's play and everyone was fully invested
2123. Happy to have my baby in my arms again
2124. Noise, drama and normal chaos
2125. Making a video for a too-far-away Grandma and Grandpa
2126. Packing a box of sunshine for a friend
2127. Jeremy washing the dishes tonight
2128. Another mom had a brand new pacifier in her bag when I had forgotten one
2129. I keep learning from my parents
2130. This smile and sparkly eyes
2131. Anna took a nap
2132. Josiah's reading
2133. Aliza's most recent interest--writing play scripts and practicing them
2134. In addition to lollipops the kids got chocolate at the bank today
2135. A few moments without electricity--no computer white noise, reading books, playing
2136. Scrapbooking and having Isaiah with me
2137. Waking up to sunshine
2138. A Daddy to lay down new living room rules

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