Sunday, July 5, 2015


It's amazing how blessed you can feel when you allow yourself to receive a gift. A lady from Bible Study allows us to use her pool whenever we want as long as it suits her, of course. On Friday Jeremy ended his work day a bit early and met us at the pool for a swim. It was so much fun for the children to show Daddy all they have learned in swimming lessons and swim with him. Our friend wasn't even home this time so it was like we had our own pool.

Josiah's face is always in the water now!

As if letting us use the pool isn't enough, Deb always has an ice cream snack and she sent me a text while we were there to make sure we got ice cream! Isaiah was a fan of his first ice cream.
After swimming we had a picnic at a nearby park. Aliza, Josiah and Anna ran and played and climbed. They had so much fun. Josiah spent a rather large amount of time chasing a duck. It was pretty comical.
There were two letterboxes at this park. Someone has been busy planting letterboxes in Salisbury in June! The first one was in the hollow of this tree.
(The stamp is sideways in the picture. It is a sleepy moon.)
Josiah is our "re-hider."
Here we are spread out for stamping our second find. We are not discreet at all. If anyone saw us and didn't know what we were doing, they would probably think we are nuts.
The children came home dirty, tired and happy and that's how I know it was a very good outing!

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