Thursday, July 2, 2015

Joy Dare::June

2483. New friends
2484. Ice cream cones on the neighbor's porch
2485. Summer TV--the recorded season of Amazing Race
2486. My workout carrying this sleeping boy across the beach
2487. Children busy with rainy day projects
2488. End of the day decompression
2489. All of Anna's dental work will be done at one time
2490. Aliza's first cooking supper
2491. Josiah vacuuming and washing dishes
2492. Big brother feeding little brother
2493. Sunshine in the weather forecast again
2494. Knowing that when my child says they are bored it's not my problem to fix
2495. Josiah staying up as late as he wanted to have boy time with Daddy and Uncle Joel and he came up to bed so happy and utterly exhausted
2496. Happy smiles
2497. Aliza had the opportunity to play with a group of girls
2498. The cozy feeling of a dimly lit house and pouring rain
2499. Unabashed excitement over a new game
2500. Cut grass
2501. All children happy and healthy after our outing
2502. So many friends at the beach
2503. Wandering around our property this evening--it was a beautiful evening
2504. Reading to Big Bear
2505. Janell had a better day and Mom got her vacation approved
2506 Meghan was here to feed Isaiah so I could hold Anna while she recovered from bee stings.
2507. Some of our used textbooks sold at a consignment shop
2508. A fun pool party
2509. Staying too late talking at my friend's house
2510. Enough for today--and that's enough
2511. Wanting to be just like Daddy
2512. Their Daddy is a Godly, hard-working, positive, encouraging example
2513. Joy of the small is what makes life large--so true
2514. Turning around and see this moment
2515. Isaiah's giggles
2516. An afternoon with Isaiah
2517. Jeremy conquered the lawnmower, it works again and we have cut grass
2518. A really restful weekend
2519. The children decided we needed our pool. They drug it out of the garage and attempted to get it ready. Daddy helped and they have had fun.
2520. Swimming lessons lined up
2521. Anna's made up stories that she "reads" to me
2522. Businesses paying invoices just in time
2523. Six playing together
2524. Now we can move on to other evening activities--we finished Amazing Race
2525. Watermelon and fireflies
2526. Josiah teaching Aliza his technique for catching fireflies
2527. Buying groceries
2528. A good outing to pick blueberries this morning
2529. TCBY and conversation
2530. The toy box lid closes
2531. Yummy summer soup
2532. Spontaneous fishing trip for Josiah and Anna
2533. His sweet smile
2534. The brilliant idea to add a second trash bag for the back seat of the van.
2535. Safe arrival after traveling in lots of traffic
2536. Going in to McDonalds for a bathroom and leaving without a single request for a snack
2537. New shoes
2538. Aliza processing so many feelings and ideas
2539. Trying on my mother-in-laws wedding dress
2540. Family reunion in the grocery store
2541. First night of Vacation Bible School excitement
2542. Seeing the Mom's I've spent VBS evenings with for many years
2543. Our awesome swimming teacher
2544. Aliza so excited that she can put her head under water
2545. Phone time
2546. Debt paid off
2547. Not even a bruise on Isaiah after he fell down the steps
2548. Being very intentional about prioritizing tasks
2549. Getting up early to read to Aliza
2550. A scrubbed clean bathroom
2551. Internet that was out of service this morning
2552. Aliza and Josiah singing in Bible School program
2553. Josiah running to find Grandad after the program
2554. Welcoming my cousin's family to our home
2555. Two generations of cousins spending the day together
2556. Some kind of dance game fun
2557. A super hamburger that I didn't cook
2558. Walking around Chincoteague stores with Mom
2559. Snickers cheesecake ice cream
2560. Clouds, light and color--the sky amazed me tonight
2561. Trying a recipe, making the menu and grocery list
2562. Finding a letterbox!
2563. Schoolbooks waiting for us on the porch when we got home

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