Monday, June 29, 2015

More Summer Stuff

We successfully completed another year of Vacation Bible School. The children had a really great time. Anna really enjoyed making her giraffe in craft time. The highlight of the week is the program on Friday night when each class sings the song they learned. Josiah stood up with his class, sang and did all the motions. I was proud of him! I knew he was nervous. There were 4 children in Aliza's class and her class sang a song that included a round. The other two girls were one group and Aliza and the lone boy were in the other group for the round. The boy didn't sing. Aliza did--beautifully. The whole church could hear her and she had a beautiful smile on her face the whole time. I was proud of her!
Trying out a recipe found on Pinterest that turned out very well!
We had a letterbox success! There was a letterbox close to Mom's house so we introduced her to letterboxing. I have a habit of not following the directions exactly how they are written which usually leads to taking quite a bit of time to find the box (and drives Jeremy crazy). Mom didn't let me give up this time and we found it.
I have a select few opportunities to get 10% off of our schoolbooks each year--that's the only reason that they were delivered to our porch today. Even though summer is only half over it's still exciting to open up all those boxes and see our books. Anna even got a book this year. I'm going to do K4 with her.
In case you are wondering about the huge number of boxes--one has Anna's DVDs, another has Aliza's hard drive, another has Josiah's hard drive, one had a single Science textbook (weird), there is lots of paper because they only provide answer keys, not teacher books and they do all the handout printing now instead of the parents, and of course--what you would expect--3 boxes of worktexts, books and textbooks.
It's still a little overwhelming to see that huge box of paper for me to organize! It's fun to look through and then I'm happy to pack it all away until August. Of course I have no where to store it out of sight--so it's in our room where I will look at it multiple times a day. Keep's me honest, my feet on the ground and my head out of the clouds!

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