Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Few Moments

I had a very special moment today when Aliza was in swimming lesson and put her head under the water. She had a bad swimming lesson experience a few years ago and I know it was a huge confidence booster for her to succeed in the water.

Aliza also conquered her fear of fire and roasted a marshmallow! Lucky for me she only wanted one bite and Anna ended up not wanting hers so I ended up with three s'mores!
My girls and Grandma Karen's makeup. It's a little girl dream.
We were reminiscing about weddings and Karen mentioned her dress. Since she has 3 boys she's never had a girl to put on her wedding dress. It was a fun spontaneous moment. Karen made her dress and it fit me pretty much perfectly! =)

Catching up on some Pioneer Woman cooking shows.

Jeremy, Van, Joel, Josiah and Anna went to the driving range. It was HOT and Anna was determined to wear long sleeves and leggings. She survived, but came home with very pink cheeks.
It's Bible School week. Our nights are late and our morning have been slow. Isaiah has been getting some extra alone time with Daddy while the others are away in the evening. It's good, but I'm glad it's only for a week.

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