Saturday, June 20, 2015

An Absurd Amount of Pictures

I meant to post earlier in the week, but it didn't happen so you get the week's pictures all at one time!
I've been babysitting my nieces more frequently and here all 6 children are playing together!
The interactions between these two just makes me smile.
Watermelon, the backyard pool and sand!

We tried to find a local letterbox and it was missing. It was fun walking around the university campus anyway.
Picking blueberries was easy work. The bushes were full of ripe berries. I'm afraid we ate more than we usually do this time. It was after we looked for the letterbox and right at lunch time. We were hungry!

Renee loves to hold and play with Isaiah.
Josiah inspired Grandad to put his afternoon plans on hold and go fishing. They caught 12 and Josiah and Anna had a great time. Josiah had put his tackle box in the car that morning hoping that maybe he would get to go fishing.
Mr. Mister has at least doubled his speed this week. He also goes from crawling to sitting now. AND he is taking long naps again.
Dear me. I was going to be the Mom that strictly limited screen time. I married a Heslop--I'll blame my failure on that. lol.

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