Monday, June 1, 2015

Joy Dare::May

2393. Grandpa and Grandma here for dance recital
2394. Aliza so enjoying her performance
2395. Just watching Aliza be "that much more grown up" than last year
2396. Little sister and cousins enjoying the show
2397. Tutti Frutti with our big girl after recital
2398. Supper on the deck
2399. Melty chocolate ice cream
2400. My in-laws gracious about my lack of food planning for the weekend
2401. The moment during supper when I realized there was complete silence
2402. Unexpected company for the evening
2403. Our private beach in full operation
2404. First beach morning of the season
2405. In the quiet stillness of the morning listening to birds chirping
2406. Working a plan with Aliza
2407. A friend had an extra scrapbook to give me!
2408. My Mom and ice cream
2409. Figuring Isaiah out
2410. Fresh air and golf for Jeremy--much needed
2411. Cousins playing without stopping
2412. Jeremy home earlier than I expected
2413. Meeting new people, making a few bucks
2414. Jeremy allowing me to laugh about the kid messes he had to deal with while I was away
2415. Ordering Aliza pictures for scrapbooking
2416. Breakfast in bed and homemade cards
2417. These words:
2418. Grilled chicken kabobs and Samoa sheet cake
2419. All kinds of wet grassy debris brought into my kitchen by happy children
2420. Honoring my Mom with an informal meal and just being together
2421. Some talk time with Renee
2422. This smart on woke up with sparkly eyes at 10pm and got some quality time with Mommy and Daddy
2423. Found on my phone:
2424. Old fashioned phone talks
2425. The hard of regrouping after I lose patience
2426. Gracious hygienists to deal with my reluctant child
2427. An afternoon at Mom's house
2428. Love notes ("Josiah loves Mom more")
2429. Friends who know me well enough that I can vent
2430. Provision
2431. Josiah totally into the reading unit
2432. Going at our pace
2433. Laughing with Jeremy over what we were each thinking and not saying while we let Isaiah cry it out before dawn this morning
2434. Visiting and scrapbooking with some of the ladies dearest to me
2435. Remembering the first moments with Isaiah
2436. Doing Gramma's dishes
2437. Smiley baby splashing in the tub
2438. Catching up on some things I wanted to do
2439. Planning out the week and realizing it's doable
2440. Crazy enthusiastic scrapbook time with my girls
2441. Humility, insecurity and vulnerability create room for growth
2442. Dinner with my sisters
2443. Children that can't wait for me to come home
2444. Friends to talk to
2445. Putting Bible study discussion from last week in to practice
2446. Philippians 4:13 My God will supply all your needs...
2447. Picking our first berries of the season
2448. The older children making Isaiah giggle
2449. Creating a lego space for Josiah that he's been waiting for
2450. Totally unexpected gift that the school year ended today
2451. Spring rain
2452. Perspective
2453. Celebrating accomplishments
2454. Hopeful peace
2455. Grandma and Grandpa had zero traffic backups today
2456. Green leaves and bright blue sky
2457. Planting
2458. A perfect new yard sale chair
2459. All 4 children napped in the car so there was extra time to dance and sing Frozen songs tonight
2460. Sharing Mennonite heritage with my mother-in-law
2461. Anna thrilled with some new to her stickers--"Thank you Mom. You're the best Mom ever!"
2462. Three really great strawberry pickers
2463. Back on the same wavelength with Jeremy
2464. Absorbing the summer pace
2465. First day of summer vacation:
2466. Aliza crazy excited about a book series and Josiah determined to check out a chapter book
2467. Sitting with my Gramma in the hospital
2468. Living in the country where the children can play in water, sand and mud
2469. A dentist who was kind and patient
2470. Talks with my moms
2471. An only positive school review
2472. Caught Josiah reading for fun--twice!
2473. Another lovely beach morning
2474. Surprise gifts
2475. Aliza wanting to tell me all about everything
2476. Missing Daddy this evening
2477. Those moments when Anna is still little
2478. Totally a God thing
2479. Giggling over Isaiah watching everyone eat and his mouth chewing away
2480. Just the 6 of us together at home
2481. Klove fan awards live streaming
2482. Peeking out the upstairs window to see Aliza singing away in her imaginative world

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