Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Another Beach Day

Isaiah stayed with Grandma and Grandad while I took the big three to the beach with Meghan and the boys. This was a much better scenario for me.

Everyone enjoyed catching sand fleas.
We had a bucket crawling with them.

The boogie boarders... So. Much. Fun. Josiah wouldn't even stop to eat lunch. As soon as his board hit the sand, he was up and running back into the surf.

Aliza preferred body surfing. =) And having a buddy with her in the waves--Mommy was acceptable. Aunt Meghan was preferred.
Anna and her cartwheels.

This time we were at a beach that requires you to drive past several ice cream places to get to the beach. I thought I was going to resist the temptation, but I gave in. It was HOT and we were all HUNGRY!

This day made me appreciate our simple lifestyle. After getting back to Mom's from the beach we had just enough time to take showers, have a conversation and grab a snack before heading out to Sports Camp for the evening. It was ok for one day, but not something I want to repeat frequently! More on Sports Camp another night...

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