Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We've Hired Our Kids

Several years ago we did most of a money study with the children. I pretty much stopped when they assumed that an allowance would come with the completion of the study. The whole idea of a chore system was overwhelming to me at that time.

It's interesting how time changes things and how a Mom adjusts to different work loads. We recently started a commission based chore system. I even realized that some work was getting done and I wasn't doing it! Amazing concept!

Here's how we have had it structured based on principles of Dave Ramsey. Aliza and Josiah have the opportunity to complete three jobs every day. The jobs vary each day because that's what works for our household. If a job needs to be completed at a certain time (setting the table for a meal) I tell the child one time and make sure they respond to me. If they choose not to complete jobs during the pay week their pay is reduced. They are paid on a certain day of the week. We want them to learn that pay is not immediate and that if you don't show up and do your job, you don't get paid. They each have three containers, one each for giving, saving and spending. We've told them that they need to put something in each container, but we've chosen not to micromanage percentages.

At least several days a week I try to think of bigger jobs that require the kids to work together. Today it was washing the car. They did a great job on the car and then they had lots of fun water play afterwards. Water play was my hope in the first place and I felt pretty brilliant that it worked out that way.
I have not had complaining about jobs. Josiah thought maybe he didn't want to clear the supper table tonight. I just reminded him how much it would cost him on payday and he decided to go ahead and clear the table.

Right now I'm feeling like this is a sustainable plan for us. Assigning jobs every night is a bit tedious for me. The job lists are in the childrens' rooms because that is where they wanted them. Tonight I wrote them in completely dark rooms. It's just one of my jobs...

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