Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter Weekend

I'm thinking these two boys are brothers!!
Easter weekend was very very busy! We were not expecting to see Jeremy's parents, but a visit was quickly put together when his Aunt passed away early in the week. Aunt Vickie fought ALS with every ounce of her strength and determination. Her funeral was on Friday. Jeremy and I attended the private service and had a meal with the family. Funerals are just exhausting. Taking the children to my Mom and picking them up required a couple hours of driving and by the end of the day none of could quite hold our heads up.
I decided to make our Easter meal for Saturday noon so that Jeremy's parents could eat it with us. It's more fun to make a big meal for more people anyway.
I saw the idea to make Peep Houses on Pinterest. It looked easy enough--famous last Pinterest words. Karen was not exactly sure about my sanity on this one. I'm thinking we were all still a bit tired! For about a minute it looked like Anna and I were going to be successful and then...
...it collapsed and we had a Peep tent.
We played with graham crackers and frosting for a while.
And put our nests and Peep boxes on the table for our centerpiece.
Spring pretzel treats were our Easter dessert. These were also pinterest inspired and took a bit more effort than one would think at first glance. They are yummy though!
While I was making dinner, Grandpa and Josiah were making steps so that Josiah can climb this tree. Josiah has tried to do this on his own, so he was pretty excited that someone could make his vision a reality.
About mid week my brother in law called me to ask me to take my sister to Chincoteague for a girls night in honor of Janell's birthday and her spring break. Saturday night was my only window of opportunity. As soon as Jeremy's parents left I packed up my stuff and went to pick up Janell. Jeff got us a most lovely hotel and we relaxed. That's all.
When I got home on Sunday it was time for our little family Easter time. Aliza and Josiah asked me to please do the colors in their Easter baskets because they "love reading the book." If you wonder about our book I wrote about it here.
I found silly string with the perfect color caps. Josiah's face was priceless. It was as much fun making spiderwebs in the tree as it was to chase each other.

Church in the evening finished our Easter. I took care of the children during the sermon so I felt like my Easter last a whole weekend and into Monday when I got to listen to the sermon.

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