Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ending the CBS Year Well

It just does not seem possible that we are finishing our out-of-home activities for the summer. Maybe it has something to do with the temperature today! Regardless, today was the last day of Community Bible Study. I explained to Aliza that the adults are given an opportunity to share what they have learned or what CBS has meant to them and asked her what she would share if she had the opportunity. She rattled off what she would say so I asked her if she would be willing to write down her thoughts and allow me to read them to the adults. She agreed and has now given me permission to share her letter here:

Dear CBS, 
I have gotten closer to God this year than any year I've come. This year I've gotten so close to God that I see him at night. This year I learned that life is not a breeze and there's hard times. For example, this month my siblings are getting harder and harder to work with. Miss Donna (her teacher for the last several years) had to leave in the middle of CBS this year and I was the only girl in my class a lot of weeks. But now I have Jesus close to my heart and he is powerful and will be with me in thick and thin.

Isaiah has grown up so much in his class. In the past month or so when we round the corner to the children's hall, he jumps out of my arms and reaches for his name tag sticker. Then he walks right into his room. Today he even handed me his monkey and pacifier to put away. When I came to pick him up he was so busy playing that he didn't see me--so I grabbed a picture.
Aliza, Josiah and Anna made picture frames for me. I personally think they are the greatest things ever. =)
And their teachers completely spoiled them. Anna came home with sidewalk chalk and stickers and the big kids each had a gift bag with some puzzle books, candy and the boys had nerf water shooters. The teacher has two grown boys and it made me smile because she knew exactly what to get these 8 year old boys.
My heart is full. My children are loved so well here and it means so much to have other people speak in to their lives and impact their faith.

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