Monday, May 2, 2016

Joy Dare::April

3304. Rainy morning reading and Josiah made a scrapbook page
3305. Phone call
3306. Family Dinner Book Club picnic
3307. A weekend with no plans
3308. Talked to Chrissy for the first time in months
3309. Family walk and bike rides
3310. Aliza empowered by taking responsibility
3311. Anna making sure I do some exercises
3312. Plenty of extra blankets for beds
3313. Taking care of my friend's children
3314. Finding a friend from long, long ago on facebook
3315. Taking advantage of the perfect temperature for picking up sticks in the yard
3316. Lego time with Daddy after family exercise time
3317. Bouquet arranged by Josiah
3318. Surprised by spring snow this morning
3319. Josiah finished 2nd grade handwriting!
3320. Josiah's stage antics
3321. The best cartwheels I've seen Aliza do
3322. Listening to her story
3323. My husband who takes care of my heart
3324. The big kids handling their well check on their own
3325. Bright pink cheeks and noses after running in the cold
3326. Brandi, Karen and I visiting around the table
3327. Chrissy time!
3328. Three children in a wildly fun nerf gun fight
3329. A red wagon to call our own
3330. Smooth trip home
3331. The feel of our home routine and beds
3332. Aliza picked an outfit that is just adorable on her
3333. Every single person around the table ate everything that I cooked tonight.
3334. Rainy morning to get school done
3335. A sunnyish afternoon to play outside with cousins
3336. Very silly little girls in the car
3337. Lots of outside laughter
3338. School
3339. Movie night
3340. The way little eyes sparkle when I make eye contact
3341. Josiah having the get-school-done-in-the-morning motivation
3342. Getting to be Aunt Carla for Ezra this morning
3343. A couple meals in the freezer--unexpected
3344. Our yard just about clear of sticks
3345. Aliza doesn't require me to lay beside her while she falls asleep
3346. Saying I'm sorry and being forgiven
3347. Isaiah coloring his Sunday School paper
3348. Aliza and Anna had so much fun this afternoon
3349. Sand, water and sun
3350. Chocolate cake that tastes like childhood
3351. Pretty blooms
3352. The sliding door open and the yard another room of our house
3353. Little man woke up screaming from his nap and snuggled for a long time
3354. The huge grin and sparkling eyes that precede running into Mommy's arms for a hug. And he does it again and again. (Isaiah)
3355. Aliza comforting me.
3356. Jan's visit
3357. Spring rain
3358. The women I count on to keep me grounded
3359. Knowing beyond a doubt that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be
3360. Just when I think I'm encouraging someone towards faith, it's actually my faith that is being challenged and increasing
3361. It took Josiah's idea to crawl into Isaiah's crib to lay with him that finally settled Isaiah down
3362. Having some time with Laura this morning
3363. Aliza had a great dance performance
3364. Putting together a really quick scrapbook page
3365. Weekend mornings
3366. Jeremy made coffee cake muffins just for me
3367. Frozen yogurt stop after church
3368. Wheelbarrow
3369. Honesty
3370. FaceTime with my Great Aunt and Uncle
3371. Smoothies
3372. Azalea blooms
3373. Picture frames the children made
3374. Aliza's sharing from her heart
3375. My dancing skills were better this year than last year. lol.
3376. This rainy, chilly day called for staying in jammies and baking sugar cookies
3377. Aliza felt so much better after I made her drink
3378. God is bigger than my perceived mistakes
3379. Grocery shopping with the children and the bill was lower than average
3380. Chai when I've lost motivation for company cleaning
3381. Chrissy in town to take dance pictures
3382. Patience to be up half the night with my littlest guy
3383. Jeremy used the word "awesome" twice to describe what he was doing and learning this afternoon and evening

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