Friday, May 6, 2016

At the End of a Second Week of Rain

This week our pace has slowed way down. We are so very close to being finished with school which means much less of our day has been consumed with school. And it has been rainy. There is something about the wet and gray that slows things down here--we've had jammy days, late mornings, lots of playing and a few things crossed off my project list.

But today I started getting buggy. I didn't want to tackle any major project. So I worked on a Project Life scrapbook which was fun and did feel like I accomplished something. It was fun to sit on the floor and just watch Isaiah play with cars. And I topped the day off with not having yeast to make homemade pizza so Jeremy brought home Little Caesars. A rare treat here!
Yesterday, though, was a big project day. I knew I had a lot of boys clothes stored away, but I didn't know how much until I piled ALL the bags on the bed. Upon seeing how the quantity, I no longer felt guilty for feeling overwhelmed and calling in Mom for help. Mom and I can knockout a project when we set our minds to it and that's what we did. In 3 hours we had the clothes sorted by size, reduced by at least half and in bags labeled by size. Such a good feeling.
These days have a Pacific Northwest feel to them--drizzly, cool and green grass to brighten the day. The children have gone out to play just about every day though. Josiah is currently dreaming up a garden.
The girls have been playing for hours at a time together in their room. This is an exciting new development. They've been playing school with their dolls. Aliza has been creating worksheets. I'm loving it as much as they are!

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