Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dance Recital 2016

Aliza danced to The River by Jordan Feliz this year. The River is played quite frequently on, KLOVE, the radio station we listen to very frequently which was really fun for Aliza. She listens to the station a lot on my phone as she's the kid that likes music while she's doing schoolwork.

So dress rehearsal and the recital were last weekend. Chrissy happened to be in town and took pictures for me (yay!!) at dress rehearsal. This studio opens dress rehearsal for anyone to attend and it's the time for pictures and video. Those are my two goals for rehearsal. Chrissy had pictures covered and I was concentrating on video. Really concentrating. Last year's video was overexposed and I had it figured out for this year. It was looking really good until I went to stop the video at the end of the song. I had not started the video. Not only had I not started the video, I had missed the dance because I was concentration on taking the video. That's a bad feeling. I bought the professional video that is taken at the recital. Aliza will love watching all the dances over and over.
This is probably my favorite costume so far. Aliza wasn't at all worried about the neckline and she loved all the coin sized sequins. Those sequins really sparkled in the lights and gave a nice water effect.
This year Aliza did not dance until the second half of the recital so she got to sit with us for the first half. Her narration prior to each dance made the recital go a lot faster for us. ha. Aliza smiled through the whole dance. She had only a bit of blush on because that is all she allows and we were sitting pretty far back, but I could still see her smile!
TCBY for our after recital treat.
I'm so glad that Aliza has this sport that she can enjoy in a studio that celebrates each person as a special individual.

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