Monday, May 30, 2016

Visiting Furnace Town

It seems that the attractions closest to home are the easiest to overlook. Last year we had our family pictures taken at Furnace Town. It was during the off season, but the grounds were open. Josiah wanted to explore so badly and so this was another place I had on my mental list of places to go.

Furnace Town is a living community. There is a church, school, woodworking shop, broom shop, weaver, printer, organic garden, blacksmith and a museum. The day we went the blacksmith and weaver were working and the other buildings were open to look at.

We were pretty much hoodlums in the church. There was a mighty echo that the children made the most of. I felt much better when I saw another group of students crowded around the pulpit making a bunch of noise!
Anna was very into posing at every spot possible.
Isaiah walked until his legs couldn't go any farther! This picture of Isaiah and Aliza makes my heart melt.
This is the furnace that supported this community. They produced iron ore and used the waterways to distribute it.
After our picnic lunch we walked a 1/2 mile nature trail. I definitely regretted forgetting the bug spray. I had it out and ready to go and forgot it! Josiah was our tour guide and leader on the trail.

The blacksmith was the highlight of our trip. We visited the blacksmith shop before and after lunch. The blacksmith gave Josiah a nail that they made.

And then the second time the blacksmith was working with letters and offered to make us a key chain with the name of our town on it. That was really fun for the children to watch and a neat keepsake.

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