Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Joy Dare::May

3384. Aliza's bright smile through her whole dance recital
3385. Isaiah slept much better
3386. Aliza's logic this morning: "Mom, I only have two books left and it's a rainy day. Can we go to the library?" I said yes.
3387. These 4
3388. The grass has been mowed!!
3389. We made the most of the sun and blue sky between rain this afternoon
3390. I'm feeling the end of the school year--it's time to clean, organize and declutter
3391. The mundane of everyday life
3392. Between rain showers the children play outside
3393. A book that Aliza and Josiah want me to keep reading at the end of every chapter
3394. Anna sticking with helping me with recycling
3395. The quiet of early morning
3396. The house feels lighter after an afternoon of sorting boys clothes
3397. My children stay awake as late as they have to, to make sure I tuck them in. I don't mind because it is a precious time and it won't last forever.
3398. Little boys playing with cars
3399. A giggly girl trying to help choose cards for her scrapbook
3400. Sisters playing happily together for hours
3401. Sunshine!
3402. The girls had a lot of fun with Janell's family
3403. Josiah so proud and excited about his little garden
3404. Take out Japanese for supper
3405. Sitting on the deck soaking up the sun
3406. Jeremy did the cooking and Aliza made dessert
3407. He's going to be a good Daddy one day
3408. Linen closet neat and organized
3409. Taking every advantage of the sun peeking through the clouds
3410. Two kiddos requested snuggle time
3411. Morning full of birds chirping
3412. Supper with my Mom and sisters
3413. A really fun time bowling
3414. Josiah finished 2nd grade!
3415. Aliza learning about growing up--and her comments are priceless
3416. Passed on the caffeine tonight which should lead to better sleep
3417. Aliza is finished with 4th grade! We did the it's-summer-vacation happy dance
3418. Grocery shopping done early since sun is in the forecast this weekend
3419. Sang and rocked Isaiah to sleep
3420. Scrapbooking and lots of it!
3421. Hours of children happily playing
3422. A really low energy day falling on a Sunday
3423. It was fun to walk through the strawberry field even if the breeze was cold and the berries were hard to come by
3424. Celebrating another school year completed with Grandma and Grandad
3425. My sister's text
3426. Isaiah fell asleep in my arms at nap time
3427. Morning walk before the rain
3428. Being approached with an opportunity felt like a compliment
3429. Lots of dirty little feet at the end of the day
3430. Flowers replanted with extra care
3431. The quiet is so quiet I just want to stay awake and enjoy it
3432. When Jeremy walks in the door before 6:00
3433. Aliza and I just couldn't resist opening the boxes to look at the new books
3434. Sunshine craziness
3435. Aliza on a mission to throw things away make cleaning out the toy box easy
3436. Traffic was crazy and we had the sense to just stop and eat supper which made the rest of the trip much better
3437. Enjoying every last bit of light outside when we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house
3438. Anna's "I love rainy days" song
3439. Irises in every color and size
3440. Fresh squeezed orange juice and the girls loved it
3441. Aliza singing in church with a huge smile on her face
3442. Isaiah discovered the cows that pasture behind Grandma and Grandpa's house
3443. An extra day in WV
3444. Just enough sun to convince us to detour to the National Zoo on our way home
3445. A roof and bench during the downpour
3446. Just the 6 of us being together
3447. A little bit of back up support
3448. Sunny AND warm
3449. Anna was awesome at the dentist today
3450. Amazing supper that a friend cooked for me
3451. Fun kids to go places with
3452. A really smart sister
3453. Neighbors looking out for us
3454. Isaiah didn't feel good which meant productivity looked like me sitting on the couch holding him as much as possible
3455. Helpers to cut veggies
3456. Jeremy willing to take time out of his day to help one of my friends
3457. Riding the lawnmower for the first time
3458. Playing games with Great Grandad
3459. Meals in the freezer
3460. I guess I was tired! It was my morning to sleep in and I did.
3461. The Sunday pace
3462. The list of accomplished things
3463. Isaiah's finished baby album
3464. Being with my family this evening
3465. Aliza giddy over a new book series
3466. That moment when I realized I needed to forgive someone and the relief to my mind that resulted
3467. As soon as the craft drawer is decluttered, major projects are started (the picture was just the beginning)

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