Tuesday, June 14, 2016

McDonald's Picnic

My Gramma had a couple days completely alone in her house so we decided to break up her day with a trip to the park. It was cool in the shade and WINDY, but it turned out to be a really nice time together.

My kids are always up for McDonald's for lunch. Isaiah even scored a Happy Meal of his own for the first time. Gramma came with a tablecloth and extras, but by the time she and I got to the table the children were set up and eating.
It's amazing how much fun a little guy can have at the park! He was climbing and sliding and swinging and loving every single second.

Aliza was the photographer and videographer. =)
When it was time to go everyone was still having fun and not ready to leave! Going back to Great Gramma's house for a little bit made leaving easier. Some things, like eating ice cream on Great Gramma's lap on the sofa, are privileges only for the great grands!
I'm so thankful for this memory!

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