Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wildtree Workshop

A few months ago I was invited to do a Trades of Hope party in collaboration with a Wildtree Workshop. Wildtree offers organic, mostly gluten free, non GMO oils, spices, and quick meal mixes. They also offer customers the opportunity to get together with friends to put together freezer meals. I decided to observe at the workshop because the cost seemed a bit high to me; however, one participant came with extra meat she did not have room for in her freezer. She gave the meat to me and I got to take home a freezer meal. It was delicious! A very good marketing ploy!!

Later, when my sister Laura decided to host a workshop I was all in. Here's how it works: The workshop hostess chooses a list of 10 meals for her guests to prepare. The guest registers for the workshop by purchasing the Wildtree bundle of oils and seasonings. Upon purchase the Wildtree rep supplies the guest with a detailed grocery list and instructions on how to assemble freezer bags with the purchased meat and vegetables prior to the workshop.

The guest brings their 10 (or more if they split the meals in to smaller portions) freezer bags to the home of the hostess and they are given a box of their bundle of Wildtree ingredients. The box includes all the ingredients to finish preparing the meals along with recipe cards with all the ingredients listed and cooking instructions and another set of recipe cards for the suggested side dishes. There are enough Wildtree ingredients leftover to prepare all of the meals a second time.
So after I opened the box, I took all of my ingredients out and arranged them in my work space.
Oh! There are also stickers to label each bag. The cooking directions are also on the sticker. Here I have a fish meal ready to finish preparing.
After adding the Wildtree ingredients I brought my bags home a filled my freezer! What a great feeling to have a bunch of meals ready to go in my freezer!
For my first time, it took less an hour at the workshop to complete my meals. Jeremy asked if I had good girl time at the workshop. I said "not really" because I was working and had to concentrate on what I was doing! Janell and I have been scheming as to how to make it a bit more cost effective for us by sharing the Wildtree bundle therefore splitting that cost. And so far my Jeremy and I and Aliza have enjoyed eating the meals! (I don't base success on the tastes of the others!!)

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