Friday, June 24, 2016


My sister, Janell, and I are sharing an interest in Fair Trade buying recently. As I got involved with Trades of Hope and read some books and started following blogs and listened to my sister's stories and what she has read I have developed an awareness of human trafficking and the horrors that are involved in that industry. Through Janell's search for affordable clothing that she could buy through a Fair Trade company, she discovered Elegantees.
The Mission of Elegantees: "Sex trafficking is enslaving a human against their will to perform sexual favors while someone else makes money from it. Elegantees has joined the fight against this by helping provide a new life for those brought out of it. Our mission statement is to provide hope to survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal. A positive source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self-image, and confidence restores lives one elegant tee at a time." (from
Elegantees spreads their story by allowing customers to host a Trunk Show. Janell loved her shirts so much that she decided to order a trunk and host a show. It's not a buy in business--just a way to spread the word. Naturally, we thought that Trades of Hope accessories would be the perfect fit for these solid color styles so I set up my table and we had ourselves a little boutique!
I happened to have a lot of fun playing dress up and trying on different shirts and dresses. I love the shirt I picked out. It is comfy to wear and I know that I've supported a worthy cause.
Now, I know that I still need to wear the $2.86 t-shirts from Walmart, but if you ever have need for new clothes and are going to pay full price somewhere else--keep Elegantees in mind!

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