Friday, June 10, 2016

On Growing Up

All little girls grow up to be big girls, so I should not be shocked. Somehow my heart is shocked though. It's a feeling I can't quite describe. If I would cry, they wouldn't be sad tears--they would be happy, proud tears that come from knowing this girl's heart the way only a Mom can know her daughter's heart. Knowing what hurts her, what makes her happy, what her questions and fears are.

It was yesterday that I realized how grown up she is. She faced having 4 baby teeth removed with grace and class--something even a year ago would not have been possible. She thought of the questions she wanted to ask the dentist before the procedure and asked them confidently. She held back the tears when the moment was real and just reached for my hand. She's just fine knowing that she going back in a couple weeks to have 3 more baby teeth removed.

Now with a mouth of less teeth that makes biting and chewing more of a chore, she's still ok and using problem solving skills. It's so normal. It's just life. It's just shocking when it's my girl showing me that she's growing up. I wouldn't change it or stop it for anything!

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