Monday, April 18, 2016

Under the Sea Party

One of the private schools in our area is presenting The Little Mermaid for their spring play. The school put on an Under the Sea Party for children ages 10 and under. Anna heard about the party in the Bible study class and she wanted to go so badly. This time it was a Daddy Daughter Date.
The cast performed a few scenes from the play and then there were stations that the children could rotate through.

One of the stations was hair styling. Aliza got a braid and Anna a ponytail. The each got to bring home the dinglehopper (fork) that was used to comb their hair.

Anna wanted so badly to get her picture taken with Ariel, but when it came down to it she wasn't sure about a picture with a real person. The cardboard decoration was just right for her. =) Anna chose her party dress and plastic princess "slippers" for the party.
Another station was touring the stage.
They came home with a card full of autographs from the cast. Aliza has her mementos taped on her bookshelf. Daddy was pretty tired when he got home, but the girls were thrilled and called it the "best day ever."

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