Saturday, July 30, 2016

Beach Trips

We have taken regular trips to the beach and pool this summer. There are not many pictures to show for it and I'll tell you why! Isaiah.

Isaiah didn't have a lot of interest in the water until last week. Thankfully it was the hottest week, so far, that he decided that he was ready to be in the water. I was ready too! The water felt really good. When he's not in the water, I'm following him around.

Aliza discovered that reading at the beach is pretty fun. She carried her own chair down to the beach. Aliza also really likes being in the water. She is doing great in swimming lessons---last week she was playing in the deep end and jumping off the diving board!
The first thing Isaiah does when we set down the bags is open up the lunch bag--no matter what time it is. It drives me crazy! He is set and determined and does he ever EAT! You would think that I do not feed the child breakfast. This particular day, over the course of the morning, he ate his sandwich and started in on mine. We've been going to the beach with groups of Moms which saves me because there are some toys that Isaiah can play with. Honestly, though, he is more interested in the food than the toys.
A bunch of the Moms are boy Moms so there is a large pack of boys that Josiah can run with. (Between 3 of the Moms that regularly come, there are 10 boys--not counting mine!!) When the boys are playing in the sand, Isaiah will follow them around and check out what they are doing.
It's been a better water summer than I thought it would be. I still get stressed about the beach. I try really hard to enjoy it, but I can't say that I really have yet. My rule is that you have to carry back to the car what you carry to the beach and the children have been really good about that. There is still plenty of summer left to enjoy!

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