Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Being Us

In honor of our 15th year of marriage, Jeremy and I spent 4 (!!!) nights together--alone--in the Poconos. Jeremy's parents made this happen by not only giving us timeshare nights, but also staying with our children. It's a bit of a strange feeling being alone, just the two of us. It takes a few hours to unwind and relax, but ultimately I realize that this guy is my friend and my love and we will be just fine together after our kiddos grow up and fly to their own nests. My vows mean more to me now than they did when I said them--if that's possible. I think I mean that I have a better understanding of the gravity of what I promised. I'll be standing beside Jeremy, holding his hand and cheering him on until death separates us.
Our retreat was along the Delaware River which was directly connected to a driving range and golf course. The first thing we did? I walked to the river and Jeremy hit a bucket of balls. Maybe we are an odd couple that way--we both have things we enjoy separately and then we are happy to enjoy being together again.
We did a couple walks/hikes to falls. The highlight was Dingman's Falls.
It was an easy walk to the falls along this boardwalk path. I almost felt like we were in a zoo exhibit. lol. But for strollers or wheelchairs this path is awesome. Rhododendron bushes covered the mountainside and were blooming with white flowers. 
I decided that we had to take the trail to the top of the falls. It was also a very nice trail of mostly steps. Lots and lots of steps. This was the view from the top.
We went to another park that had 3 smaller falls. It was a nice hike. The falls were pretty. I didn't really enjoy watching teenagers jumping over the fence to jump off waterfall cliffs...but, whatever. After hiking we decided we wanted Mexican so Jeremy searched for the nearest Mexican restaurant. It turned out to be a hole in the wall treat. We were hot, sweaty and thirsty so the casual atmosphere was perfect for us. The only thing was that the table coverings were flannel and I was hot and did not want a blanket over my legs! ha.
I discovered that I am an acceptable golf companion on a chip and putt golf course. We played it twice and I got the ball to the hole (in way more strokes than Jeremy) every time.
However, I did manage to hit the ball in the stream every single time we played those holes. Jeremy fished it out for me every single time. It was kinda sad though when it was one of my best shots that ended up in the water.
I wasn't going to take my scrapbook stuff, but, at the last minute, Jeremy encouraged me to. I'm glad he did. He golfed one afternoon and had a great time with the group of guys he played with and I scrapbooked. It turned out that there was a large table in the living area and I spread out and left my stuff out the whole time. Scrapbooking makes me happy. Golfing makes Jeremy happy.

It was pretty funny though--Aliza called me and said, "Mom, I heard that you are scrapbooking and Daddy is golfing. You are not spending time together and you can do those things at home. That makes me think that you were actually tired of us children and needed a break from us not time together." Little did she know, we desperately needed both.

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