Saturday, July 9, 2016

Days that Filled My Heart

It was a first for us. We drove to WV after the Bible School program Friday night. It took forever for the children to fall asleep, but we did not have traffic and we arrived at midnight. After shushing my in-laws (lol), who both work nights and were still feeling like the night was young, I got the children right to bed. This time, though, I was the one who could hardly wait to get to WV. A dear friend of mine just moved to the same town that Jeremy's parents live in and I was going to get to see her for the first time in 9 years.

It was a gorgeous weekend. We spent lots of time outside. After lunch I declared myself on "friend watch." After what seemed like almost forever, Christie and her family arrived!!
I got to meet Christie's youngest son for the first time and she met my youngest three for the first time. We talked non stop for hours. It was so so good. Our project for the evening was to make a 4th of July cookout for our families--in Karen's kitchen. We successfully served supper, but there would have been several fewer mistakes (like making sure the oven was actually on) if there had been less talking.
Later we met Van and Karen to watch fireworks. Historically, Aliza has been terrified of fireworks. She conquered that fear! Anna was quite unhappy when we arrived and I ended up carrying her for the hike to our spot. Isaiah started crying when the fireworks started and then he settled down in my lap pretty quickly. This was the finale and probably how we looked pretty much the whole time. I was touching every single person in my family. My arm was around Josiah and touching Anna. Aliza was leaning into me. And Jeremy had his head on my leg! I won't complain. It was a fantastic fireworks show. And it was the 2nd very late night in a row.
We all survived the late night and got up for church Sunday morning. The sermon was particularly great--ya'll should listen to it. Isaiah was so incredibly tired. Somehow he made it through lunch and took a LONG nap--like the rest of us! We visited and played outside and ate s'mores until it was too dark and the big kids were too tired.

THEN on our way home we got to stop to see Matt and Chrissy. We visited their new home and then had lunch with them. It was a short visit, but it was so good to SEE them and the children think that their apartment building is pretty amazing. =)

And THEN we arrived home to another amazing thing, but that has to wait for another post.

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