Monday, April 24, 2017

Food, Eggs & Candy

That pretty much sums up our Easter celebration. We were with my family and enjoyed Mom's ham dinner.
Isaiah had his own competition free egg hunting area. I followed him around while the others found their eggs in record time. Isaiah caught on quickly and was excited about putting eggs in his bucket.

That would be chocolate dripping down Isaiah's chin.
Aliza declared this the best Easter ever. She chose to hide eggs instead of finding eggs. This was pre-planned from last year and Grandma didn't disappoint. She had a bag of candy and the "big egg" that she fills with surprises for each grandchild. I think it was the perfect combination of feeling grown up and still not missing out on the fun kid stuff for Aliza.
Josiah, Caleb, and Gideon make me smile when they get to have a few hours to play together. I really don't see or hear from them when they are together.
It was a great day. The warm sun added to the celebration and made it really feel like spring.

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Jennifer said...

such fun memories!!