Friday, April 7, 2017

He's Playing Soccer

I knew it would happen one day, I just wasn't sure when. It was after watching his cousin play indoor soccer this winter that Josiah decided he was ready to play soccer. He's had two practices and a game and he's loved every minute so far.

Soccer is Jeremy's thing so he took Josiah to the store to get his gear. Josiah was so nervous as we drove up for his first practice. It took a minute to figure out where we were supposed to be, but when I met the coach I knew all would work out.
His coach is a college aged "kid." He knows soccer inside and out, is kind, spoke well to me as a parent, and wants the kids to learn the game and have fun.
They lost their first game. I didn't know how Josiah would respond to a loss, but he walked over to us with his head up and didn't really miss a beat. He was ready to go to practice and is looking forward to his game this weekend.

I didn't see it coming that Jeremy would be a side line coach. ha. He was great though. Jeremy figured out a lot of the kids names during the game and he was encouraging all of them. I did, however, tell Jeremy that he had to go over to our coach after the game and introduce himself!

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