Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Girls Weekend

After the soccer game Friday evening, the girls and I drove through lightening and rain to WV. This was the weekend for the Shepherdstown Back Alley Garden Tour and Tea. It was fun to have a girls weekend. The temperature was perfect for walking and we enjoyed all the gardens and flowers.

It has been several years since the tour aligned with the peonies blooming. There were some gorgeous peonies.

Anna got to experience the little house for the first time. She loved it and would have spent hours there playing if she could have.
This year we walked 3.5 miles (thanks to those with fitbits for this knowledge). The girls got pretty tired, but they stuck with it to the end. We didn't detour or miss any garden--Aliza made sure of that!
My mother in law has some very pretty flowers too. These roses grow over an arbor and smell glorious.
I've never seen pansies with ruffled edges. I sortof love them!
Aliza and Anna loved the girl time and were NOT ready to come home. I enjoyed listening in on their sister conversations in the car.

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