Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kindergarten Graduate

Anna sobbed through her kindergarten "graduation." In the last distance learning lesson the teachers and kindergarten friends have a party and celebrate all the fun things they learned this year. It is pretty sweet and touching, but I definitely wasn't expecting the level of emotion that Anna felt. In fact, she completely rejected her diploma and still won't let me take a nice picture of her with it. She did initiate taking her diploma to WV to show Grandma and Grandpa and on the way home Anna and Aliza took a bunch of silly pictures with the diploma in the car.
When we had my parents over for supper to celebrate the end of school, Anna would not show her work to anyone.
Aliza and Josiah, however, were happy to show Grandma and Grandad some of their work. I'm grateful that my parents and Jeremy's parents are so supportive of our choice to educate our children at home.
Aliza had a history project this year where she made a timeline of inventions by year through the 1900s. It's amazing how much change took place in the 20th century.
I got Josiah through another year. His memory is amazing. He can hear something one time and remember details.

So I've finished my 6th year as a homeschooling Mom and graduated my 3rd from kindergarten. I remember when Aliza finished kindergarten I couldn't imagine having to go through it multiple times and just like that I've done it three times.

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