Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Just when we had bought a new minivan and thought we were squared away for a while, Jeremy's car started having trouble. He spent two weekends working on the radiator and hoping that it was actually the radiator and not the engine. Thanks to a good friend and you tube tutorials, Jeremy got it fixed.
He had some other "help" too! I know Jeremy was determined not to buy 2 vehicles in 2 months!
In the midst of working on his car, the lawnmower also broke. Thanks to a father in law who knows all things lawnmower, Jeremy spent the 3rd weekend fixing the mower. Now our lawn looks great AND we have two working vehicles!

There is another determined little person in my house. He is almost 3 years old. He thinks he is as old as his siblings and wants to do everything they do. I took the kids to the library to collect their first prize for the summer reading program. Isaiah didn't want a prize from the preschool drawer. He wanted something from the preteen drawer. The worst public temper tantrum that I have endured ensued. He was laid out flat on the floor--screaming. The girls checked out their books on their own and I took Isaiah outside. He continued to scream. I stood beside him calmly watching all the people walking past looking at me like I was crazy. Since then we have averaged at least one temper tantrum a day. Yesterday's tantrum was because he couldn't stay at VBS with the big kids. Kids have to be 5 for this VBS. I kinda felt sad for him--imagine a 2 (almost 3) year old saying "I wanna go VBS." Today's was over just getting dressed. It's going to be a fun stage around here!

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